When King looks at you, you can tell he is thinking one thing and one thing only: "Do you have a ball? Are you gonna throw a ball? Are you? Huh? Oh boy oh boy, I think they have a ball!" King loves to play fetch. He is quite skilled at it. He's a very handsome dog, so you will turn all kinds of heads at the dog park. He has an overall affable and gregarious nature. He wiggles when he's happy, which is often, and he bounces places more than walks. He is always happy to see a human, and once he has expended some energy, he shows a more sweet, demure side. We haven't spent a lot of time with King out of the shelter environment, so there are still a lot of unknowns. He hasn't yet been introduced to other dogs, kids or cats that we know of and he will likely need some basic obedience training. If you love playing outdoors and have some time to dedicate to training, King will be a great pet. He's basically a big friendly jock. If that's your scene, come meet him!