Sadie is a very special girl who charms everyone she meets, greeting strangers with butt wiggles and little snorts. This sweet senior even waddles like a little piggy and likes to get outside, find the sunshine and roll around in the grass to show off her belly. Sadie is very in tune with her people and a natural at making them feel better when they're down. The second Sadie sees her friends, she runs over to give a quick snuggle and a kiss on the face (and she really pushes her little snout into you to make sure she plants a good one). And if you don't respond quickly enough, she'll squish up against you until she gets your attention, followed by the requisite kisses and then doing zoomies and goofing around to get you in a better mood. Sadie generally has a moderate energy level, but gets really amped up when there's other pups around. As much as she likes to play, Sadie's usually happy to match whatever you're doing, switching easily between play and cuddle time. She loves to push herself right up against you, lean into you, stand on top of you - any way that she can touch you makes her really happy. She's also a dream on leash, and one of her favorites games is when you throw a blanket over her and play peek-a-boo. Goofy, cuddly, kissy and so much fun, Sadie will make the perfect companion to some lucky family. if you think you can handle this sweet little spark plug, come meet her! We guarantee she'll love to meet you!