Meet Kirstyn, a three-year-old, 53-lb pittie gal who loves her people more than anything. Pets from her people. Kisses from her people. Literally just the mere presence (she'd prefer within 6 inches or less) of her people. But, because she loves her people so much, she tends to get anxious when they leave, can be unsure of how to respond sometimes, and always feels the need to protect - even when there's no need for protection. All that assumed responsibility and confusion she takes on can be stressful, which has at times led to aggression. That's why she needs a family willing to work with her to show her what's okay to do, what's not, and that they're in charge and can handle things themselves. All she has to do is relax and be the cute, sweet pup she is. Kirstyn's current fosters have been working with a trainer to help show her that they're the ones who do the protecting. She's already catching on and doing very well. We're looking for experienced adopters who will be able to keep that kind of structure up and continue to advocate for her. We'll require that Kirstyn's adopters continue to work with the trainer to keep her on the road to success and #nostress. She may take a little extra effort at first. But just look at that face and think of all the cuddles! This sweet girl is so, so worth it!