Meet the marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She may or may not be married (we're leaning towards no; there's no ring on that paw!) but this beautiful girl is as smart and funny as her television namesake. She was picked up and brought to the animal shelter with her puppies, but when another rescue decided to just take her pups, we couldn't let this amazing mama get left behind. That was certainly a good call by us because this doll is worth the price of admission. She has learned to go potty outside, is doing well learning her leash manners, and behaves very well around our two dogs and two boys. Maisel (or Mazie, Maze, Big Mama - she'll really answer to anything) loves sleeping in her crate at night, but she will certainly curl up with you on the couch to wind down the day if you prefer. Don't think this young lady is a shrinking violet though. At an estimated 1 years old (and about 60 pounds), Maisel still has energy to get up and go. She loves a good game of tug of war, has started chasing tennis balls, and is happy to play with our 4 year old shepherd mix for as long as he wants. With her age, energy level, and less-than-ballerina-level grace, the best fit for her would be singles, couples, or families with school-age children or above (ours are 9 and 11.) Come see Maisel; she's highly entertaining. Critics adore her - 5 Stars! You'll laugh, you'll cry, she's better than Cats! Maisel is currently being treated for heartworm, but is available for our foster to adopt program. You get to take her home and Hope pays for her treatment through one of our partner vets. The adoption is finalized when the treatment is completed. If you are interested in this pup click Apply for Adoption! If you're on Adopt A Pet or PetFinder please visit to apply! ** Please note that due to COVID-19 and stay at home orders, we are not having our usual adoption events or allowing in person meetings to come meet the puppies. The first step in the process is to submit out online application. Virtual meet and greets over the phone/computer will be set up with local applicants only, before selecting the best fit for adoption. Thank you!