If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out our dog adoption questionnaire and e-mail it to HTARMiranda@gmail.com. PLEASE VISIT THIS WEBSITE TO FIND THE ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE: http://www.homewardtrails.org/adopt-a-pet/adoption-forms/ Mia is the sweetest little thing, and there is nothing she loves more than being on the couch (preferably with her head stuffed completely under a very fuzzy blanket). For how tiny she is, she loves BIG. She wants to always make sure that her people are very close by, hopefully somewhere where she is able to be at their feet if not sitting next to them. Something terrible must have happened to Mia when she was a puppy because she has a lot of anxiety, and unfortunately this can lead to territorialness/possessiveness. For this reason she needs a firm hand and someone experienced to put the time in to train her. She is SO smart and definitely wants to make you happy. She loves to chase a little tennis ball, but her favorite possession really is her fuzzy little baby blanket. She does not like having her paws touched and would prefer to climb on to your lap when she wants to rather than have you pick her up and put her there. Calming ointment on her nose seems to help a little, and I try to sneak a crushed up supplement into her food to help with her anxiety. Overall this little girl is a true sweetheart and just needs an experienced dog owner to help her with her possessiveness once she attaches to her person. She will make someone a true best friend one day. Adoption Coordinator: Miranda N Location: Foster Home The adoption fee for this dog is $400. This fee INCLUDES spay/neuter and microchip We are proud to partner with the following veterinarians who offer a free first exam for your animal, exclusively for HT adopters: Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Palisades Veterinary Clinic, Sunshine Animal Hospital and Clarendon Animal Care and all VCA Animal Hospitals. Additionally, any VCA hospital will cover illnesses up to $250 at no cost to any Homeward Trails adopter. We also provide a 30-minute phone consult with a professional dog trainer at Fur-Get Me Not within the first 30 days of adopting - just for HT adopters in the Arlington/Alexandria area. Start your new dog out on the right foot with this valuable, expert advice and guidance FREE! COME MEET ADOPTABLE DOGS EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY from 10AM - 4PM at the Homeward Trails Adoption Center- 11116 Fairfax Station Road, Fairfax Station VA 22039! **Note that puppies are in foster homes, not at the Adoption Center.