FOCUS Listing Notes: Length of Stay: More than 650 days Physical or Mental Health Concerns: Kennel Stress Possible Barriers to Adoption: Requires Slow Introductions to Strangers; Kennel Presentation --- Meet Godiva, a pup with a heart of gold, Four years young, her story yet untold. She's a bundle of joy, full of love to give, In this rhyming adoption bio, let her story live! Godiva's her name, a beauty to behold, In her eyes, a story of love and bold. She adores her walks with volunteers by her side, Exploring the world, with tails held high, oh my! Tug of war's her game, with a rope in her grip, A playful spirit, she'll give you a joyful trip. With Godiva, laughter's never far away, She'll brighten your life, come what may! In playgroups, she thrives, making friends anew, Her wagging tail spreads happiness like morning dew. Godiva's the girl who's ready to explore, With love in her heart, and so much more! So, if you seek a furry companion so divine, Look no further, for Godiva's here to shine. Give her a home, and your heart she'll win, This sweet, loving pup is ready to begin!