FOCUS Listing Notes: Length of Stay: More than 600 days Physical or Mental Health Concerns: None Possible Barriers to Adoption: Only Dog Home Preferred; Adult Only Home Preferred --- Introducing Baloo, the dog with the heart of gold, At four years young, his story needs to be told. Heartworm negative, he's healthy and strong, Ready to find a family where he belongs. Baloo's got skills, he's a clever one, it's true, He knows "sit" and "shake," he'll impress you too. Throw a treat in the air, watch him catch with glee, This playful pup's talents are easy to see. He's a water-loving dog, a true aqua king, Splashing and swimming, oh, what joy it can bring. On walks with volunteers, he's filled with delight, Exploring the world, everything feels just right. Baloo's a special boy, that's plain to see, But there's one thing he asks, please let it be, He needs to be the king of his castle, you see, In a home with no other dogs, just him and thee. So if you're seeking a loyal and loving friend, Baloo's your guy, on him, you can depend. Come meet this wonderful dog, don't delay, Give Baloo a chance to brighten your day!