Meet Merick, a pup who loves to laze, A three-year-old couch potato in many ways, Nesting in blankets is his daily routine, And being cozy is his ultimate dream. But don't let his laziness fool you yet, He loves to take walks and run, don't forget, Playing with sticks is his favorite game, And he can do it for hours without any shame. However, there are some challenges he's got, Like his restlessness and being on the spot, At times he can't settle, and it's quite a task, And he pulls on the leash, quite a little mask. Training is something he needs more of, To help him settle down to give you more love. But with love and patience, he'll learn with ease, And his restless ways will soon be appeased. So if you see Merick walking down the street, Remember he's a pup who's full of treats, Give him a pat and a kind hello, And he'll wag his tail and say hello!