Meet our pup, a young rowdy dog, Eleven month old, with energy to jog. He's full of life and loves to play, But he needs a experienced home to stay. This pup has potential, that's for sure, But he needs some training to make him mature. With patience and time, he'll learn the rules, And become a loyal companion, without any tools. He needs a home with a strong hand, Who understands the needs of this playful brand. A family with experience, who can guide his way, And teach him how to behave, day by day. So, if you're up for the challenge, and have the heart, To give this pup a loving and responsible start, Then please consider giving him a chance, And watch him grow into a doggy romance. Our young rowdy dog is waiting for you, To give him a home, and help him through. Together you'll create a bond that's true, And have a furry friend who's loyal to you.