Meet Leroy, a dog so fine, At five years old, he's in his prime. Walking with him's an absolute breeze, He's the master of leash-walking, eager to please. Leroy's secret passion, it's no tease, He absolutely adores cheese! Give him a nibble, watch his eyes gleam, With a heart full of love, he'll be living the dream. Got a ball? Well, that's his greatest treasure, With it by your side, he's a boundless pleasure. Leroy's your loyal buddy, through and through, Fetch and playtime are what he loves to do! He might be a tad shy when you first meet, But give him some time, and he'll be your sweet retreat. Warmth and affection, he'll gladly share, In Leroy's presence, you'll know he truly cares. So, if you're searching for a furry friend so dear, Leroy's waiting, there's nothing to fear. With cheese, balls, and love, he'll happily attend, Bring Leroy into your life, and let your hearts blend!