If you're looking for the worlds best cuddle puppy - look no further! Bright is a cuddling champion! She loves settling down next to her person with her head in your lap and taking a long siesta. Bright is also great at fetch, and loves doing doggie puzzles for treats. She's a medium energy dog who benefits greatly from walks and access to chew toys and stuffed toys to give her playful personality something to do. One of her most adorable traits is her LOVE of stuffed toys! She'll bring them with her as she explores your home, take them to bed for a nap or even carry them on her walks! Bright also gets along spectacularly with other dogs, is great at engaging others in play and excels at games of tag! She's been working hard at becoming fully house trained and still occasionally has some accidents, but she's come a long way! If you want a furry friend who will stay by your side whether you want to go explore nature or sit inside with a good book - Bright is the dog for you!