Blaire is such a beautiful pup, but there's so much more to her than her gorgeous husky exterior! She's also a confident smart girl, who wants to learn and challenge herself! She's highly motivated to solve problems and figure out new ways of doing things. Blaire knows sit, shake and is doing well learning stay, wait and leave it. She's never had an accident and knows how to wait to go potty. She's mostly kennel trained but gets a little yippy in the mornings still. She's been great with our kiddos and only occasionally jumps. She has also been working on her leash walking and has seen improvement. Blaire has a high desire to be mentally active and would benefit from a home with games/toys that are mentally stimulating. She enjoys being physically active, but she's not too hard to wear out with a game of frisbee/fetch or a medium length walk. She has the husky desire to mentally be doing something, but she's not super hard to wear out physically. And once she's had a bit of play she loves to snuggle up in her bed or near you and nap while you watch tv or read a book. Blaire can be great with other dogs that either don't mind rough play or can tell her to stop. She is pretty motivated and needs consistent reminders not to play rough if the other dog doesn't like it. She can be puppy-ish and "pushy with other dogs and needs either dogs who will remind her to stop/ an owner who reminds her to stop/dogs who don't mind/ or a home without other dogs. She can get along with other dogs well, but she does need that extra structure around her playtime as she's learning to engage in more polite play style.