Meet Izzy - Your New Adventure Buddy! Name: Izzy Age: 4 years Breed: Energetic Mix Location: Our Shelter Hello there! I'm Izzy, the fun-loving, four-year-old pup you've been waiting for. If you're searching for a furry companion to join you on your outdoor escapades or just cuddle up with on the couch, look no further. I'm the whole package! About Me: I may be four, but I've got the heart and spirit of a forever-young adventurer. I've been participating in playgroups here at the shelter, and my social skills are top-notch. Whether it's playing tag with my doggy pals or charming the volunteers, I'm always ready for a good time. Active Lifestyle: If you're into fitness, I'm your perfect match. One of our volunteers even said I'd make an excellent running partner! I'm full of energy and enthusiasm, so I'd love to join you on your daily jogs or weekend hikes. Let's stay active together! Loves to Explore: I'm not just all about the action; I enjoy leisurely strolls too. I relish our daily walks, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors. Exploring with a loving human by my side is a dream come true for me. Best Buds: I have a special bond with my best dog friend, Throphy. We're the dynamic duo of the play yard, and there's nothing we love more than chasing tennis balls and having a blast together. I'm sociable and get along well with other dogs, so I could be the perfect addition to your existing furry family. Treat Lover: I have a secret to share with you - I'm a bit of a treat connoisseur. Whether it's a tasty biscuit from the staff or a homemade snack from a volunteer, my tail wags with delight every time. Treat time is the best time! Always Happy: My infectious enthusiasm is sure to brighten your days. I'm a perpetually happy pup, and my zest for life is contagious. Together, we'll create countless moments of joy and laughter. If you're ready to add a dose of excitement and love to your life, then I'm ready to be your loyal companion. I can't wait to meet my forever family, and I promise to bring endless smiles and tail wags to your home. Don't wait too long! Come meet me at the shelter today, and let's embark on this beautiful journey called life together. Izzy's the name, and adventure is my game!