Meet Sadie - Your Future Furry Family Member! Are you searching for the perfect four-legged addition to your family? Look no further than Sadie, a delightful 2-year-old canine companion who is ready to shower your home with love, joy, and endless tail wags. Heartworm Negative and Healthy as Can Be Sadie comes with a clean bill of health, as she is heartworm negative and up-to-date on all her vaccinations. You can rest easy knowing she's in the best of health, and she's ready to share her vibrant spirit with you. Friendly and Social with Other Dogs Sadie is a social butterfly in the doggy world! She gets along splendidly with other dogs, making her a fantastic addition to a multi-pet household. Whether your family is big or small, Sadie is always eager to make new canine friends. Great with Kids and Family-Oriented Sadie's warm and gentle nature extends to people of all ages, especially children. She's a natural when it comes to being around kids, making her a wonderful choice for families looking for a loyal, furry friend who will quickly become a beloved member of the family. Loves Volunteers and Staff Sadie's affectionate disposition knows no bounds. She adores the volunteers and staff at our shelter, and her loving nature has won the hearts of everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her. Sadie is a true people-pup and can't wait to be the center of attention in her forever home. Cuddles with Stuffed Animals Sadie has a charming quirk - she has a soft spot for stuffed animals! You'll often find her cuddling up to her plush pals, and she'd be thrilled to have a few in her new home. Who can resist a dog with such a heartwarming habit? Are you ready to welcome Sadie into your life and create wonderful memories together? This loving, sociable, and heartworm-negative pup is eager to share her endless love with a forever family. Don't miss out on the chance to make Sadie a part of your life!