Meet Wilbur, a three-year-old pup, A happy boy who's looking up, He came to the shelter with a broken hip, But he's healing up nicely, with a healing skip. Wilbur loves people and their kind ways, He'll wag his tail and show his gaze. He's happy to go on walks with his friends, And explore the world that never ends. He loves attention and all the treats, And will sit pretty with wagging feet. He's a gentle soul, with a heart of gold, And will be your companion, as he's told. Wilbur's healing from his hip surgery, But that doesn't stop him, he's full of energy. He's ready to go to his forever home, And share his love, that'll surely roam. So come meet Wilbur, the happy boy, His spirit will bring you endless joy. Adopt him now, and watch him thrive, With his loving heart, he'll always strive.