FOCUS Listing Notes: Length of Stay: More than 250 days Physical or Mental Health Concerns: None Possible Barriers to Adoption: Only Dog Home Preferred --- Introducing Kenzi, our furry delight, A three-year-old pup, her future is bright. She knows how to sit, oh, so polite, And on walks with her, you'll find pure delight. She's a water lover, a splashing sensation, In rivers and pools, she finds jubilation. Playing with toys, it's her favorite creation, In the yard, her joy knows no limitation. But here's the thing, she's a one-dog show, Kenzi shines brightest when she's the solo. In a home all her own, watch her glow, With her love and loyalty, she'll steal the show. So if you seek a companion, a loyal friend, Kenzi's the one, from beginning to end. A dog with a heart that will never bend, In her forever home, her love will transcend. Don't wait too long, reach out today, Kenzi's ready to brighten your life in every way. With tail-wags and kisses, she'll surely convey, That with Kenzi by your side, you'll have a perfect day!