Meet Journey, a pup full of spunk, A three-year-old with a wag and a jump. Heart worm negative, he's healthy and strong, And he'll keep up with you all day long. This guy's got energy to spare, On walks, he'll make you stop and stare. He'll walk on a leash with a smile and a wag, And he'll never leave you in the bag. Journey's happy and loves to play, He'll jump and climb and have his way. But watch out for fences, he's quite the jumper, He'll be over in a flash, like a little thunder. Animal control tried to catch him for weeks, But this pup's too smart, he never sleeps. He travel through the city, far and wide, And he never gave up, he's got a lot of pride. Journey loves people and treats galore, He'll do anything for a little bit more. He knows how to sit, he's smart and quick, And he'll learn new tricks, he's just that slick. If you're looking for a pup to call your own, Journey's the one, don't leave him alone. He's got so much love and energy to share, And he'll be by your side, always there.