Meet Pooh Bear, a pup with a heart of gold Who's looking for a home where he can grow old He's six years young and quite well trained A loving dog who's never complained Pooh Bear is housebroken and crate trained too He's well-mannered and knows what to do He's happy and loves to wag his tail A favorite at the shelter, without fail This pup is a cuddler, through and through With plenty of kisses and love for you He loves to play and go on walks And explore new places, he adores Pooh Bear gets along with other dogs and kids He's gentle and kind, with nothing to forbid He's the perfect companion for anyone Looking for a loyal friend to have fun If you want to add a furry friend to your life Pooh Bear is waiting to end his strife Come to the shelter and meet him today You won't regret giving him a loving home to stay.