Meet Mia, a pup that's small in size, But big in heart, and oh so wise! At three years old, she's just a babe, But she's already learned to behave. Mia's great on leash, she won't tug or pull, And she's not one to ever act dull. She loves to go on walks each day, And meet new people on her way. She's a quiet dog, not one to bark, But she'll wag her tail and make her mark. She's good with other dogs, a friendly pup, And she'll play with them without any fuss. Mia's looking for her forever home, Where she can run and play and roam. She'll be a loyal and loving friend, Her devotion will never end. So if you're looking for a furry mate, Come and meet Mia, she's just great! She'll bring joy and love to your life, And be a loyal companion, through any strife.