Are you looking for a dog that is already trained? Well look not further, this is your Amazing Dog Alert!! Rhonda is a very happy girl and always has a smile on her face. She came to the shelter in October of 2018 and was selected for a special training opportunity at Starmark Academy, where she spent 12 weeks learning manners and obedience. She's an A+ student and knows heel, sit, wait, down, place, recall and even a few tricks like paw and roll over! Rhonda rides well in the car, loves to meet new people and kids, takes treats gently, adores being outdoors, and is pretty mellow dog after her daily exercise. She relishes the time volunteers spend with her cuddling. She's also a sporty girl that appreciates a good game of Frisbee or ball (sometimes it turns into keep away!) or even just a roll in the grass. To apply for adoption please go to