Meet Brodie, a pup that's always cheery, A five-year-old dog, oh so dearie. He's heartworm negative and walks with ease, On a leash, he's sure to please. Though he's always happy and full of glee, He needs to be the only dog you'll see. He likes his space and wants to be free, Without any other pups around, you'll agree. Brodie's a climber, he loves to explore, Fences aren't safe, he'll be up and o'er. But don't worry, he won't go too far, He just loves to roll in the grass and be where you are. With a name like Brodie, he's a loyal mate, A cuddly pup that you won't want to trade. So if you're looking for a friend so true, Brodie's the one that will love you through and through.