Mona: Solving a Mystery The mystery began in May 2019. Mona was picked up in a neighborhood not far from the shelter. She wore no collar, had no microchip and no one came looking for her. When Mona was moved into the adoption room, she did her best to hide in her bed. Months went by and while Mona stopped hiding, she didn't show well to potential adopters. She became a long-term cat. Several months ago, Mona went into a foster home for a shelter break. While she did hide for a week or so, Mona became comfortable enough to come out and show her true colors.! She made fast friends with two small cat friendly dogs in the home. She would lay by them and make air biscuits, a sign of contentment in cats! She had an unusual array of favorite items she enjoyed playing with. These included her own tail, a wand with attached feather and dog toys. She happily used her horizontal cat scratcher. Mona needs a patient adopter who is willing to give her time to acclimate to a home. Mona shared kennel space with several cats at the shelter and was fine with them. Introductions to resident animals should be gradual. Her foster mom says Mona is a low-key cat who enjoys her world view from a window sill. Mona is estimated to be three years old, is microchipped and spayed. Much of the legwork in solving the mystery of Mona has been completed. Will you help continue her story? Knowing cats, there is more to the mystery of Mona! #adoptmona #lcpa *original photo by Mona's foster mom.