When Louie came into the shelter as a stray, it was obvious the thin coated, skinny cat had lived a rough life to say the least. The battle scars on his ears,head, shoulders and back were further proof he often fought for his street rights. He was placed in a small cage with a feral box included. He was not friendly. A volunteer saw things a little differently. He became her new project. Slowly, she began to gain his trust and was able to take Louie out of his feral box on his third day and hold him wrapped in a blanket! Love was beginning to bloom. Louie began to gain weight and his orange coat grew in, thick and beautiful. After 3 months of being in the shelter he was looking much better. Regular meals and some meds helped his skin and fur. Now,a new question arose,what to do with this former street cat turned boy yearning to be held for hours on end? His volunteer friend decided she needed to bring him home to Foster him. A vet visit revealed a few broken canine teeth,more evidence of a tough life on the street, but also said he looked great overall! The vet estimated his age between 7 - 9 years old, though it's a bit harder to tell with a cat that's lived such a rough life. In his foster home, Louie has been fine with adult cats and kittens. He is very tolerant of the crazy antics all around him (as he has some Foster friends that are much younger than he is). He is quiet, he loves the comfort of a plush cat bed and loves to be wrapped in a blanket or towel and held. Held for hours, or as long as you'll give him. Louie lives life in the present.He appears to have forgotten his harsh past and assumes the plush bed and the arms that lovingly hold him will be there tomorrow. Louie is FIV positive, and must remain an indoor-only cat (doubt he wants to be out again anyway.)He needs to be kept up-to-date with necessary vaccinations. Louie needs a cat savvy adopter who will give him the time he needs to adjust to their home. Willing arms to hold him close would be a nice perk. Love, as we know, comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes in the form of a once skinny,nearly furless Orange Street cat.An unexpected love. *Louie's intake picture is the first picture we have of him, in his feral box,skinny.He came in On 6/01/19*