Here's a knock-your-socks off, blue-eyed, blue point beauty! Siamese mix Zaika is estimated to be 4-5 years old. With eyes you could get lost in, and a mask which is very desirable among Siamese/Burmese mix fanciers, she waits for you to exhale because once you lay eyes on Zaika, her beauty will make you catch your breath! Zaika is for the experienced, patient and cat savvy adopter who can bring out the best in her. She doesn't want to be held. She tolerates forehead scratches. She is not the cat for children. The huntress in her comes out as she happily chases a feather wand - whiskers forward and intent. Zaika is a hard of hearing but not completely deaf. Rarely meows - not even for food - she just looks up at you. She will sleep on the bed with you and hop on the couch beside you. Enjoys scratches on the forehead and sides of face. Indoor kitty only because of flea allergy. She is in a foster home with multiple adult cats and kittens. She is not aggressive to them. If they get in her face they get a friendly swat in their direction or she walks away. To better understand her - she had a complete physical by a cat-only vet: Memorial Cat Hospital by Dr. Addleman. #lcpa #adoptzaika #nochildrenplease