Clarice: Scoot Over, I'm Moving In! Being packed into a cardboard carrier, taking a car ride and arriving someplace you have never been can be a bit traumatic for some cats. Not a problem for Clarice. She made herself comfortable in her foster home in five minutes! Back scratches are big in Clarice's book of 'How to Make Me Happy.' She will let you know when you can stop with the scratches. In the way of a cat, she jumps and lands gracefully in window sills in order to keep an eye on the world outside. She has made friends with LCPA cat alum Stuart. She will sometimes give him a bop with her paw, and then they are good for the day. Clarice follows her foster mom around, making sure the human does not get into trouble. The litterbox thing is no problem for Clarice. She dines on dry cat food. Her foster mom says Clarice is a low maintenance, playful social, easy cat who is also vocal and affectionate. There is a small dog in the home who avoids the cats. Clarice is glad to return that favor. There are no children in the home. Clarice is ready for an adopter. Her foster mom, Taylor Alaine Biddle, has done a great job finding out what to include in Clarice's 'How to Make Me Happy' book. Now it is your turn. You already have an instruction manual! Please call the shelter at 281-554-1377 to make arrangements to meet Clarice.