Beth: When Slow and Steady Does Not Refer to a Turtle Lucky Beth! The beautiful dilute tortoiseshell has found herself in a foster home with experienced cat volunteer Dotty! Upon arrival at her foster home, Beth decided to peer out at her new world from underneath a bed. Not unusual behavior for a cat in a new space. Eventually, most cats decide they are safe and will venture out. Slowly, she began to let her foster mom pet her. Now she can't get enough scratches! Beth gets along with the resident cats, several of whom are LCPA adoptees. She has no fear of the chihuahuas in the home. Beth appears to be of the bush dweller variety of cat, preferring to rest and chill on the floor on area rugs. This means you don't need to worry about Beth knocking your antique yellow ware bowl collection off the top of your kitchen cabinets:) Introductions between Beth and new people and animals should be gradual, allowing her to set the pace. Slow and steady will win the race to become Beth's friend! #lcpa #adoptbeth * Beth is available for adoption! Please call the shelter at 281-554-1377 to arrange a meet and greet with Beth. Thanks to Dotty for fostering Beth and supplying the info about her for a bio. Original photo by Dotty.