Choco is in training at Starmark Training Academy. He will not be available to meet potential applicants until April 7th, but you can submit your application now to be considered for him! Choco is a medium to high energy, confident young dog about 1 year old. He would be the perfect dog for someone with a medium to active lifestyle and enjoys being outdoors. He absolutely loves playing with toys. His favorite activity is chasing a flirt pole because he can chase a flirt pole until he drops. You usually have to stop the game because he will just keep going. This might mean that he would enjoy lure coursing. He loves squeaky toys, just make sure to get an indestructible one since he loves chewing on the squeaker, breaking it and then is no longer interested in the toy. He loves water and playing fetch with a ball in the lake/pool, he can also swim pretty well. As much as he loves water he doesn't like it leaving his fur and is quite scared of the dryer. He is training to have positive associations towards the dryer is a work in progress. He allows you to touch him when he's eating or chewing on a bone and you can take toys out of his mouth. He is trained in: Basic Obedience commands like Place, Sit, Down and Come, loose leash walking, sitting before entering through a doorway. He knows how to Heel besides you on a loose leash. He knows clicker tricks like Roll Over and Bow . He is also trained in basic narcotics detection and can identify the scent of marijuana and cocaine and alert. He enjoys training with food and toys and enjoys a cuddle and after a play session. An ideal home for him would be anyone with an active lifestyle, who's willing to put in time and patience in training and playing with him and keeping his body and mind working.