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Bates is a sweet boy who was found stray earlier this year and has been living with a foster family since March. He is one of the sweetest dogs yet to find a forever home! He is a super well behaved dog - already house, leash, crate, and dog door trained. He also knows several basic commands like sit, shakes, stay, let's go, no, and out of the kitchen. He loves to just snuggle near his favorite humans until the next walk time. Bates is good with all other dogs (from playful puppies to cranky old ladies) as well as kids (he's been great around babies, toddlers, and older kids). Bates just wants to love and be loved in return. He will always greet you with a smile when you come home and ask for pets. Bates deserves a family that will keep him forever and will show him love as strong as the love he gives.