Stella is an active young lady who loves to romp and play. She arrived at the LCAS covered in mange, malnourished, and supporting seven puppies. In her foster home, she does well with children, neighbors, family, and tolerates other animals. On or off a leash this smart girl will obey commands to sit, shake a paw, lay down, rollover, stay, and comes when called. With reminders and a short, firm, leash she will heal while walking or jogging. If left to her own curious nature she will roam freely on a leash slowly taking in the smells of any who traveled before her. Stella is house trained, she will go to the door and scratch once to be let out or in. I think she would do well with an automatic doggy door. She loves to be near her foster family and prefers to sleep in an open crate with a comfy bed and blanket. We are working with her to not jump or scratch in her excitement when greeting. Stella loves to play with other dogs, if challenged she will cower or run from the aggressive dog. Stella is extremely inquisitive and will follow her family observing every move with interest. She does well to stay off the furniture and does not chew on shoes. Stella has a niche of collecting socks worn by her foster family, which she will take to her bed and lay her head on them. She enjoys pig skin chews, dog cookies, salmon treats, dog chicken tenders, playing ball, running with children, and will soak in all the attention anyone gives her. She sheds very little with weekly moisturizing oatmeal baths. One of her favorite activities is to lay in the sun and roll in the grass. This loving young mama dog is looking for true companionship with her forever family.