Bane is currently in foster care & here's what his current fosters have to say about this sweet older gentleman: "Bane is the sweetest! The girls take him outside to play several times a day, he gets a daily walk and lots of treats. He's a pretty laid back guy. Rarely barking, but when he does it's a low rumble and a woof. Bane has decided it's his job to guard the girls and likes to park himself in the doorways so he can keep an eye on everything. When someone new is at the door he gets very excited and we have to hold him so he doesn't jump. Bane LOVES toys that squeak! He has a squeaky duck and penguin that he carries around and sleeps with and his favorite ball is squishy and loud. The girls are also teaching him how to play hide and seek. They hide somewhere and call his name and he has to go find them."