Meet Lexi, our resident Chinese Crested dog! She is funny and quirky, and for an 8 year old lady, she is super spunky. She spins in circles and darts around the apartment in excitement when her foster mom prepares her meals. And, Lexi will let you know how happy she is about going on walks by bounding up and down until you head out the front door together. When she's not dancing around with happiness, Lexi can be found sleeping with her belly exposed and limbs sticking straight in the air! She will also cuddle with you when called over and give as many kisses as you'll allow. We just love this sweet dog. Lexi is best in a home with people who are at home most of the day. She will require a family who can continue building up her confidence and allow her to warm up slowly as she adjusts to her new surroundings. She needs her space, but with time and a positive routine, Lexi will feel comfortable with her new family. Loud noises can make her afraid but as she gets used to her home, we feel confident that she will relax and enjoy her new life. **Lexi does not do well around other dogs, so she will need to be the only dog in the home.** Respectful children only. Lexi is 12 pounds, potty trained, and leash trained. We adore her and know you will too. Fill out an adoption application to meet her.