Mortimer came to us from the southern tip of Texas from our partner shelter, Palm Valley Animal Society. They came to PVAS as a stray animal in May 2020 so we aren't sure what their story was before that, but we do know this poor boy had a pretty severe skin condition when he arrived. Thankfully, a dedicated foster home opened their heart and home, and we were able to get him out of the shelter. We are glad they are with Mutts of the Midway now so they can get back to full health and enjoy the good life while we look for their people! We believe he is about 2 years old. His foster reports that he is excelling at crate and house training. He also loves humans! His favorite pastimes are playing with his toys, yummy treats and enjoying a good nap. Morty has come a long way since his days in Texas and we can't wait until he finds his forever family. Quick Stats: Nap vs. Playing: Loves naps and playing almost equally! Food vs. Toys: Loves them both equally! Dogs vs. Humans: Loves dogs and humans but humans a little more! Quick Report Card on the basics: Crate training: They get an A: 90% of the time, they go in to the crate willingly and are quiet while in there. House training: They get an A: 90%+ of the time, they go outside and have had few (if any) accidents in the house. Other dogs: There are no other dogs in the foster's home with Mortimer. Cats: There are no other cats in the foster's home with Mortimer. Kids: There are no children in the foster's home with Mortimer but we think they would do well with kids that know how to interact with dogs. We can't wait until Mortimer finds his forever home!