Brigitta entered the city shelter as a stray. When no one reclaimed her, we met her at the shelter and she was a sweet, calm girl. So we scooped her up with some help of our friends at Rescueber and a willing foster home and brought her to Mutts of the Midway. Brigitta is a smart, loving dog that wants nothing more than pets from her people and a dog bed to sleep on. She is a calm girl, and while she doesn't like being alone, that means she is extra excited when her people come home! This couch potato is looking for her people, and while she can be a bit lazy at times, she will do anything you need for a piece of cheese. Brigitta isn't currently being fostered with other dogs, but she has met other dogs both big and small and has done well. Quick Stats: Nap vs. Playing: She loves a good nap! Food vs. Toys: Loves food a little bit more! Dogs vs. Humans: Loves humans most, but also loves dogs! Quick Report Card on the basics: Crate training: Working on it! They have improved drastically since the first experience. House training: It's a work in progress and she is learning every day. Cats & Kids: While she is not being fostered with cats or children at this time, there haven't been any behaviors that suggest they wouldn't be good with either with time and training.