Say hello to the mighty little Magic, an all white male Pomeranian with a big heart and an even bigger smile! Magic is a little larger than most Pomeranians, weighing 13 pounds. He's ready to warm your heart and home with his very happy personality! Give this sweet little guy a chance! Welcome him into your home! Apply to adopt Magic today! Magic is located in our NDLB Gongyi Sanctuary. Adoption is available to Canada, US, UK. PLEASE NOTE: ALL DOGS adopted from our sanctuaries in East Asia require a six month quarantine in Canada before they can go to the US. Canadian adopters: Dogs can go home to you upon arrival in Canada USA Adopters: ALL DOGS adopted from our sanctuaries in East Asia require a six month quarantine in Canada before they can go to the US. United States Adoptions - In July of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) implemented a "temporary suspension on the importation of dogs from 113 countries, including China. As per CDC regulations, dogs imported from China can enter the United States only AFTER staying in Canada for a period of 6 months. Once you have adopted a survivor and a flight has been secured to Canada, we will arrange for your dog to stay in a loving foster home in the Toronto area that we have secured on your behalf or in our sanctuary located in Scarborough, Ontario. After the required 6-month stay in Canada, American adopters can arrange to pick up their survivors in Canada. IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT: The first step in our adoption process is to complete an application. You can complete an application on our website, Current Adoption Fees: $2,290 USD for SMALL dogs under 50 pounds $2,990 USD for LARGE dogs over 50 pounds $1500 USD for SPONSORED dogs who have had a portion of their flight paid by a generous donor (noted with a white airplane symbol in their photo on our Foster or Adopt section of our website). Please NOTE, the adoption fee MAY change after adopting your survivor. If, at the time of transport, the transportation costs have increased, adopters will be required to pay the additional expenses. Due to COVID-19, regulations, airline availability, cost and logistics are ever-changing. The cost of adopting a survivor is constantly changing and therefore the adoption fees are subject to change. Adopters do not cover the costs of the dogs' medical care or the food and care they receive while they remain in our sanctuaries. The Pay-it-Forward Fee that is paid at the time of adoption covers the current cost of flying the dogs out of China. All our dogs are sterilized, microchipped, and have received all current vaccines as required to be imported as per airline and government regulations. CHILDREN, CATS AND OTHER PETS: Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if any of our dogs are friendly with cats or young children. Although our dogs are friendly with most other dogs, we don't have the ability to test our dogs in our sanctuaries in China and cannot make any guarantees as to their temperament or compatibility with other animals, children, or cats. REQUESTS FOR HYPO-ALLERGENIC DOGS: We do not guarantee, agree, hint at, or suggest that any of our dogs are hypo allergenic. All our dogs are rescued from the dog meat trade in East Asia and therefore, we do not know their history or breed mixes. TEMPERAMENT: As our dogs are rescued from the dog trafficking trade in East Asia, we do not have history of their past. We cannot guarantee their temperament when they arrive in a home setting. HOUSE AND POTTY TRAINING: As we do not know the history of our rescued dogs, we should assume that they will need to be house trained. Some dogs may have been stolen pets and have previously been in a home environment in China while others may have been stray dogs or specifically bred for consumption. We advise every new adopter to treat these dogs as if they are puppies and be patient in regaining their trust with humans and providing basic training. We will also disclose any dog with more serious needs as our main goal is to get each dog the very best home for them. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: