What a gorgeous russet-haired beauty with just the faintest bit of white to set it off. And if you are a stickler for flopped over triangle ears then you check these off your list. And those blue eyes! Bella is a thirty-seven-pound one-year-old Cattle Dog, Australian (Red Heeler)/Shepherd who is likely to fly out of here. Miss Bella seems a little underweight but not by much and you can take care of that in no time at all. Bella is a barrel of energy and will for sure keep you laughing at her antics. This breed likes to be kept busy and would likely do better in a home with a yard or access to open spaces as matures. They are loyal and kind and once you figure out how to communicate with her and get her into a training class you'll be all set and will have the dog of a lifetime. Whenever we get these dogs in they don't stick around for long because they are they incredible. Bella will likely need lots of activity and is going to be alert, protective, and hardworking. Bella is going to thrive with some training to get her acclimated to her new home. Once she learns to play by your rules Bella going to be such a sweetheart and you'll never stop getting compliments. Bella is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped so please drop by and meet this precious pooch. For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit https://www.newpawsibilities.com/26425-2/