NO KIDS ADULT ONLY HOME Partially Sponsored Dog: $100.00 Adoption Fee Well hello, Gorgeous! Oh my gosh, what a beautiful dog. The honey coat and those bottomless pools for eyes just make me swoon. Callie is a three-year-old Terrier/Mix and boy, is she special. If you are looking for a dog who is through the puppy antics and loves both dogs and people you do not want to delay coming to meet Callie. Callie is one of those dogs you instantly fall in love with. Callie is a big girl at sixty-three-pounds and she's secure and kind and will do well in any home. Callie is going to be the perfect indoor or outdoor companion no matter the weather. As long as you are there to hang out with her she'll be happy. Like most shelter dogs we don't know Callie's background. But from what has been witnessed Callie seems to know the ins and outs of living with a family. Here in the shelter she plays well with most dogs but we think she'd do really well as an only dog, too. She loves people! It will take a bit to teach her about your rules and to tweak her time schedule to mesh with yours but she is such a smart girl it won't take long. Callie is a lovely sweetheart who will make having a dog in your home a true delight. Callie is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped before going home. For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit