Drop everything and drive carefully if you want anywhere near a reasonable chance at adopting this beauty. Yes, she really is a beauty but she was tired and wasn't having any of this picture taking stuff. But once you look beyond those whimsical ears you'll see a face to beat all faces. Mya is a forty-four-pound, shaggy one-year-old Husky/Mix who is stunning. Her eyes are absolutely show-stoppingly soulful. Mya is patient and kind and she really, really wants a good home with a fabulous owner. Half-way through puppyhood we've been told that Mya gets along well with other dogs in her group enjoys meeting new people. Mya will need training and boundaries with her smarts she'll be used to you and her new home in no time at all. Like others of her breed Mya craves exercise and affection. Now that the weather has cooled down you will have a blast running with her and showing her off around the neighborhood because she is one winner of a dog. She loves to run and play and will be an awesome companion for anyone who enjoys outside fun. Mya is highly intelligent and trainable to whatever level suits you. It will take time to get her used to her new home and the rules, but she has all the making of an outstanding companion. Mya is up to date on her vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped and ready to start her new life. Huskies are a popular breed so you'll need to act quickly if this is a breed of interest to you. Mya has no restrictions on placement is one heck of a wonderful girl. For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit https://www.newpawsibilities.com/adoptable-dogs/.