That face is more precious than all the words in the thesaurus put together. And did we mention unique? Such a sweet tri-color pooch with those fun eyes and a few extra pounds or a whole lot of fur. Comet is seven-year-old, twenty-four-pound Terrier, Jack Russel/Mix and he is the perfect companion. Comet is a sweet loving boy who is up for anyone who wants a best friend but not a jogging buddy. We don't know his story, how he ended up coming to Oshkosh, but he has inside manners and is just a sweetheart. It won't take long to help him to understand the way you do things in your home. If you don't want to go through potty training and midnight wake up calls then Comet is one to consider because he should settle into a routine pretty quickly. Comet is perfect for size-restricted living but he should be fine. Comet is smart and looking for his last forever home. Besides cuddling and being the most loved dog in the world Comet will enjoy really bad movies on Netflix, trying to steal your yummy food, and pretty much anything you'd like. Comet is up to date on vaccinations, is neutered, and will be microchipped. Comet is an outstanding pooch and a wonderful senior dog. Not everyone is up for opening their home and their heart to a dog they won't have for twelve or fifteen years. But we've come to know that seniors are the most grateful, loving, and wonderful dogs out there. If you would like to consider adding a senior dog to your home then come and meet Comet today! For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit