Doesn't she look serene and calm? Don't be fooled by those expressions, she has lots of fun horsing around. And she's really a pretty girl in her black and white finery. Precious is ten-month-old Terrier/Mix who is going to sit there staring at you with those luminous until you have no choice but to take her home. As you can tell, Precious is serious about finding a home and her people. So far Precious is great with other dogs and greets people like she wants to know them with or without food and treats. The best news is that this gorgeous dog has a fantastic personality. So far, she's an all-around furry friend who is going to thrive in the right home. A family with love to give and the willingness to give Precious a new home with training and boundaries would be best for this intelligent girl. Precious Is still a puppy which means you get to decide her training and behavior. A six-week puppy training class and lots of boundaries will make all the difference. If you want a puppy but not a little bitty one then Precious might be a good choice. Precious is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped and so please consider making this beauty a part of your family. For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit