That face is more precious than all the words in the thesaurus put together. Such a sweet tri-color girl with the most trusting eyes. Those downturn jowls are just the best. Princess is a fourteen-month-old Terrier/Mix and she is going to be the perfect companion. Princess is a sweet loving girl who had a rough start in her time with us. Princess came with a really bad skin infection which is why she has been with us for almost two months. There was a lot of work and a variety of medications and she's turned the corner and is ready to go home! The good news is that the staff has gotten to know her and they all agree that she is a sweetheart of a girl and will make a wonderful dog. Right now she has played well with the dogs when she got better and she adores people. Jogging not your thing? No worries. Princess likes long walks, riding in cars, and pretty much whatever you want to do. Princess is halfway through puppyhood and still has considerable energy so please consider taking her to an obedience class and setting up boundaries so that she will fit into your home more quickly. It won't take long to help Princess to understand the way you do things in your home. Princess is smart and looking for her forever home. Princess is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped before leaving NEW PAWS. Princess is an outstanding pooch and we think whoever gets this alert and curious girl is going to be very lucky. For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit