The name might be better suited to a rabbit but she sure has a kind face, doesn't she? Her caramel and white coat with those outrageous freckles are divine. Those amber eyes contrast beautifully with Flopsy's beautiful face. Flopsy is a two-year-old Terrier/Mix and at thity-five-pounds is a manageable size. Flopsy is a little sweetheart who is already well-versed in living in a home and who is waiting to find her perfect person. Flopsy has one of the kindest faces and the best disposition. Flopsy loves to run and play; anything that will keep her active. Of course, this elegantly clad little girl also enjoys a good belly rub and lots of affection. Flopsy has developed many good manners and is going to make her new owners very happy and the envy of the neighborhood. If you are in the market for a superb pet good with other dogs and children you'll want to stop by and meet Flopsy today! It will take a little to get her to warm up but once you do you'll never let her go! For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit