There are some people who prefer a large dog and if that's the case then this beautiful brown sugar boy with the serious face might just be for you. Seriously, he's just perfect and if you like large. And that furrowed brow is so endearing. Houston is a one-year-old Retriever, Labrador/Mix who is tipping the scales at fifty-four-pounds of greatness and love and just as lovely inside as he is out. According to our Kentucky rescue shelter, Houston is an absolutely wonderful pet and he loves to settle into caresses. We're not sure why Houston ended up at the rescue but he's a sweet boy who is good with people and with other dogs. Houston is still a puppy and we believe he will do best in a home who is willing to invest time and money and patience into training him to fit into their home. Houston already has some manners and from what the referring shelter has told us he's smart and trainable which is a good thing. He needs room to roam and will enjoy walks, hikes, days at the dog park, and anything that gets him outside. Houston's nose is constantly working overtime sniffing all the new smells and figuring out what's up in his new world. Houston has a friendly personality from the looks of things it won't take too long for him to settle into his new home especially if his new owner sets up boundaries. Houston has managed to pick up some good habits and now is the perfect time to help him settle into things. Houston is us to date on his vaccinations, is neutered, and will be microchipped and ready to go! For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit