Don't look so sad, pretty girl, we'll find you the perfect home. Just look at that face and that slightly shaggy coat and tell me you're not in love. And, fun fact, she's considered a merle or dappled dog because of those gorgeous markings. Autumn is a ten-month-old Terrier/Mix puppy who is just the right amount of perfect for anyone to fall in love with. According to the referring shelter, Autumn enjoys the other dogs in her group and she seems to also get along with people, especially those baring gifts such as toys or treats. Autumn is still a puppy and twenty-five-pounds which makes her a perfect choice for someone needing a smaller dog. Autumn has reached her perfect weight and has lots of energy and love to give to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her. We know that Autumn will do best in a home who understands that training is the key to helping her to transition into her new life. This is actually a great time to bring home a puppy because you won't have to help her to unlearn too many behaviors before retraining her to your specifications. Autumn has a superb disposition and will make a wonderful addition to any family that is willing to put in a little training effort. After her puppy obedience class and some boundaries and love, Autumn is going to be perfect. Autumn is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped before going home. If you are looking for a young, small dog then Autumn might well be the best choice today! For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit