Talk about a cute doggy! The coloring, the ears, the everything. And those seem like some long legs. And one look into those eyes and you'll know she is ready to be part of a family. Juno is a one-year-old Terrier/Mix who has the loveliest personality and a medium energy level. The referring shelter tells us that Juno is good playing with the other medium dogs and she takes to people pretty quickly. At thirty-one-pounds Juno can fit into a variety of homes and anyone who is willing to invest some time and energy into getting her through the next phase of puppyhood will find that the training will pay off in spades. Juno just became available for adoption today and we don't think she will be around for long. Juno is going to be at the top of her training class but you'll need to set some firm boundaries and give her love and treat-based rewards. Juno is up to date on vaccinations, is spayed, and will be microchipped and is a sweet little scamp. You are going to fall in love! For more information about our policies and answers to questions you might have please visit