Hi, friends! I'm Barrow, a sweet and curious boy looking for my pack. I'm about a year old, which means I like to explore and test the limits. I would thrive in a structured household with routine and firmly established boundaries. I get along with most dogs and would love a playmate. But I'd also do great as an only dog, because that means I would get allllllll your love and attention. I live for my daily walks! I'm mostly good on the leash, but I do like to chase the occasional bunny. I know all of my basic commands and I'm really good in my crate. It would be a good idea to let me enjoy my toys and high-value treats in my crate, away from other dogs who might want to share. Now, let's talk about your yard. I hope you have a nice, big yard for me to romp in! And it must, must, must have sticks. I love sticks. I'm a stick-head. I am President and CEO of Stick Lovers, a Fan Club for Sticks. As long as I can find a stick, we're gonna get along great! I can already imagine you throwing the stick and me chasing it, over and over. And over. And over ..... I've been looking for my perfect human for a while, and I know they're out there! If you're looking for a loveable boy to keep you on your toes and make you laugh, that's me. Apply to meet me now!