Hi, world! I'm Cyril, a snuggly nugget who loves to be close. If you are prepared to indulge me in my cuddle hard, snuggle harder lifestyle, you might be my people! My perfect home would be a quiet family with older kids or teens. I like dog friends, but I can be dog-selective and I need patient intros. TLP can help! I wouldn't mind being an only dog because that means I would get all your love, plus the sunniest spot on the patio. I'm allllll about my toys. I almost never get bored of chewing (OK, destroying) a good toy, and I'm happy to share my toys with humans. I don't need long walks (I can get anxious and worked up on the leash, anyway), but I would love a yard where I can nap and chase critters. I'll always choose playing in the yard over walking on the leash. Allergies are the worst! My skin can be sensitive, and I need a daily allergy pill, like Benadryl or Zyrtec. Monthly shots help me feel and look my best, too! If you're looking for an adorable guy who loves to snuggle, you found him! I'm ready to claim my spot on your couch and in your heart. Apply to meet me today!