Hi, there. I'm Lenny, a big fella finding his way in this brave new world. I'm a shy guy who is becoming more social and trusting. My crate is my safe space, but I like going for walks and romping around with playful dogs. Cats are OK, but new people, kids and loud noises can be scary! Give me a little time to get to know and trust you. We'll be friends in no time, I promise. My dream home would be one with patient adults who can help my build my confidence and don't mind my quirks, and a dog friend (or three!) to play and snuggle with. I'm an older fella with some manageable medical issues. I have arthritis and allergies, and I need daily meds and supplements to help me feel my best. My meds are about $88 a month. Things can be pretty frightening for me sometimes, but I'll feel a lot braver with you at my side. Are you the human hero I'm looking for? Apply to meet me today!