Watch your toes, we've got a drive-by-licker coming your way! Rusty is a super adorable, super lovey goofball whose legs have minds of their own. He has the most loving face and a tail that never stops wagging. The only part of his body that moves more than his tail is his tongue, which wants to taste test everything! You want personality? He has as much attitude as he does love and is quite good at talking back and sharing his opinion! You want a workout buddy? His ideal day would be long runs where he can stretch his legs, with some cuddles on the couch after! He loves to sunbathe and will go out and roll around in the grass to scratch his back, and get nice and toasty! Rusty does well with children and cats, but would do best as an only dog - can you blame him? He needs ALL the human hands for pets and luvin'! He would benefit from some obedience training but is food motivated and the smartest goober in town. Rusty is participating in The Love Pit's iREHOME program, so ongoing care and custody are provided by their foster, not by TLP. All behavior and medical information is provided by their caretaker, and TLP encourages all adopters to verify the information with their caretaker prior to adoption.