If you look at me and just see a big dog, you're missing out! Sure, I got a big block head and meaty paws, but the biggest thing about me is my heart. I'm Rocco! I'm looking for a loving family who can commit to helping me be the best dog I can be. I'm a big guy with a lot of energy. I love to go for walks, work on training, gnaw on antlers and play with tennis balls. (I'd have a tennis ball surgically attached if my people would let me!). I get anxious if I see other dogs or critters through the fence or while out on walks. I'm getting better, but I would do best with a confident human who can provide a structured environment and correction when I need it. When I'm inside, I'm basically 80lbs of warm, fuzzy mush. I love to snuggle on the couch, and my best friends are my pitty sibling and my 1-year-old human brother. I'm gentle and submissive with both, although I do love to chase and wrestle other dogs! I would love a fursibling, but I'd also do great as an only dog as long as you can keep me busy. I am a sweet, affectionate boy who just needs a family to see past my fears and into my loving heart. Working on my training will only bond us closer. I promise that I'm a commitment you'll never regret. Apply to meet me now!