I'm Ursa, and I'm as sweet and chill as a frozen Milky Way. I came to TLP with my constellation of puppies. Now that my momma days are over, I've ready to settle down and be your star. I'm as sweet and easygoing as they come and I'm great about matching your energy. I'll play when you want to play, and chill when you want to chill. I love the teenagers in my house and I get along great with other dogs (although sometimes I try to "mother" the little ones). I'm interested in the critters I see on my walks, but it's easy to redirect me. Foster Mom says I'm a great listener. That's probably why it was so easy to teach me my basic commands! I love to learn and make you happy. I'm ready to be the center of your universe and make you happy to infinity and beyond. Give me that chance! Apply now.